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The MarTech V0.3 : CRM / Marketing Automation

         31 companies (CRM / Marketing Automation) in the database with number of customers and referrals.

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Notes :
- Premium registration (Subscribe) : 89€/month (No time commitment). Extensive exposure and access to figures certification.
- Referral score : calculed based on the number of customers of referrals publicly available online (and the size of the customer base).
- Declarative Records : figures provided directly by the company.
- Estimated Records : estimated by the website team.
If a declarative record is provided, the declarative record replaces the estimated record.
- Certified Records : figures coming from publicly certified communcations
(example : financial report of publicly listed companies).
Or figures provided by the company to this website and certify by us (pay service).
- Referrals score = log (number of online public referrals,3) + 0,5.
- Referrals score of Salesforce, Criteo and The Trade Desck are estimated but the number of customers are certified.
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